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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jamaica's Best All Inclusive Resort

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Sandals Royal Caribbean Review - All Inclusive Caribbean Resort

"We spent a few days at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Jamaica. I really love this all inclusive resort and it has it's own private island which was one of the selling points for us. If you are looking at staying at a Sandals Resort, take a look at my quick review of Sandals Royal Caribbean".

This resort is just 10 minutes from Montego Bay's airport and is right on the water! Want to sleep on the water? You will do because you have beds over the water and you can even enjoy a massage over the water too.

Now this resort has only 215 rooms so it's kind of like a small resort. The benefit is that you will not find yourself tripping over bodies in every direction you care to move.  Visitors and the Royal Caribbean are blessed becaeen or twenty steps or less in most cases.

The resort's construction was completed long before the high rises now being built so it was possible built right up close to the waters edge at that time, so much so that you can enjoy the water even from inside your villa - you can see it and observe sea life even through the floor of your room!

This resort has an amazing tropical feel! The landscaping is tremendous and as you might expect there are all kinds of activities you can do, as well, there are lots of different pools. 

For instance there are the traditional pools with the swim-up bar and then there are hidden, tranquil pools that around as well.

Some pools even have patios so that you are able to walk straight off the patio into the water! The Royal Caribbean caters for clients and you do not have to be exotically rich to enjoy the all inclusive experience.

The Windsor building comes complete with 18 recently refurbished club level suites right on the water as well as a tranquility soaking tub for two on the patio of each of them.

"The rooms and everything in them are absolutely fabulous, from the bathrooms all the way out to the patio". Now there are at least 20 restaurants in the Montego Bay area and if you stay at anyone of the Sandals in the Montego Bay area you can  you play at any of them and all are within a ten minute ride of each other with the transportation to get you there included.

Sandal's Royal Caribbean comes with a wonderful beach as you might expect and you'll have plenty of room to spread out!

Because while we were there the hotel was at around 85 percent occupancy and it feels very much like your own personal getaway and it's the same feel at pretty much all of Sandal's resorts all of which are just breath taking, there is so much to do if in fact you want to do anything at all!

Activities include all kind of water activities. There's sailing, stand up paddle boards and there's also the new private bungalows which are over the water, on an island which is accessed by you taking the dragon boat across. 

There's a pool over there and a Thai restaurant that's right on the water, it's amazing for dinner and you're literally eating on the beach and at night it's very, very beautiful.

There is a beach over there of course as well as swimming pools, lounge chairs and hammocks. It's on this island also you will find butler service bungalows complete with infinity pools and glass floors. If you are interested in holidaying at the Royal Caribbean Resort or indeed any of the other Sandal's resorts, please check-out Sandal's Specials & Promotion page here. 

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