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My Name is Toni Williams and I was born in Jamaica's Blue Mountain Valley way back when! 
I grew up in and around Kingston and when I was nine years old I went to live in England with my grandmother. From there I ended up travelling the world and have done a lot of things and held down a lot of jobs. But today I'm employed by Shining Sands and as it so happens, I'm also its owner and CEO!

I set up shining sands because, Unsurprisingly, I love Jamaica and the Carribbean and wanted to work in its ever-green travel and tourism sector, I mean where better to go looking for your last job (especially when it comes with loads of job security and satisfaction thrown in:-)

It's a region very much dependent on travel and tourism for its income of course. So, and as you might expect, the Travel and Tourism sector is huge. In fact such is its enormity that I decided that my very last job would be setting up yet another travel and tourism based business but with a twist and Shining Sands was born!

The name comes from a line in that old Harry Belafont Classic song "Island in The Sun".

What's the twist? 

Well having noticed on my own travels how, unless you're a back-packer who's prepared to make stony ground your bed every night, travelling and all that it entails is pricey!

So, in a nut shell and through Shining Sands, We make it our business to scout out the very best cut price deals from hospitality companies large and small across the islands (including Antigua,

Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Bahamas and Saint Lucia) and make them available through the internet to visitors to the region.

Finding fantastic deals is very dependent on the time of year but even so, really good deals are are still available year round if you dig hard enough and Shining Sands is in the business of sniffing and digging them out. And when we find then we simply point you to them with a click and a smile...

Welcome to Shining Sands! Come back often and frequently to check out our latest findings if visiting the Caribbean region is something you have it in mind to do in the near future!


Toni Williams


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